Monday, March 24, 2014

Time is Like My Daughter; Short

This busy lifestyle never seems to end.  I had to find a new mode of transportation, since the Memory Machine choked on me Christmas Eve.  The time for looking had to come from somewhere, so the writing suffered a bit.  In the process of all that, I needed to file taxes to get money for the truck.  Of course, that resulted in more time away from the writing desk.

The good news:  I have a new-to-me truck.  That should get me another ten years.

With a fresher mode of transportation, I have been busy planning the next Gunter Family vacation.  It looks like we may have another trip with the full brood.  My brain is in serious need of this trip.

Spring Cleanup is here.  Yeh, it was thirty something when I woke up this morning.  We spent the weekend piling junk on the curb for pickup.  In the process of cleaning, I stumbled on a Nintendo 64 box with all the instructions and paperwork, as well as a Mario Kart game package.  It’s hard to believe I had time for something like that.

Now, I can almost park the motorcycle in the garage and not have to walk sideways when I jump off.

At some point, over the last couple of years, I gained a new friend just above my waisteline.  I guess between my day job and writing, I spend the bulk of my waking hours in a desk chair.  In light of this new guest, I’ve set aside an hour or so every day to see if I can “run” him off.  I hate to steal more time from the fantasy world, but I’m sure the truck’s gas mileage will increase if it doesn’t have to haul so much…

With all that is going on in my life, I am still plugging away at the final book in the Drums of Rallinwar series. I look forward to finishing this project off and moving on to the next. I’ll slip in a complete update on the next visit to The Stray Scribe.
In other, more important, news; Requiter is available.
I’m still waiting for Barnes and Noble to put it out, but I strongly encourage you to purchase a copy for your Nook from Smashwords.  Mark Coker continues to be an awesome advocate for the Indie world, and has earned every penny he makes from book sales.

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